Professional Support and Testimonials

Professional Support

As part of our ongoing support for education professionals, EYC organises and chairs a bi-annual Young Carer Co-ordinator Network Meeting, which is attended by representatives from primary and secondary schools, and further education establishments across Edinburgh. 

This is a new network for education professionals to come together to hear up do date information and policy on working with young carers and share good practice for identifying, assessing and supporting young carers in schools.  The network is the first of its kind in Scotland and has only been established for a year, so we are still growing and would welcome members from all schools across the City. 

As Raising Attainment for All is a key focus of the current Curriculum for Excellence Implementation Plan and Education Scotland’s inspections, this network aims to support staff to meet the needs of, and reduce disadvantage for, young carers.

The network is open to all staff who work with young carers in primary and secondary schools (and further and higher education establishments), but particularly those colleagues who take the lead on organising awareness-raising and support in their school environment. 

If you would like to join our growing network of support, please get in touch using the contact details on Schools Awareness Raising Campaign homepage.  


“Excellent delivery of an issue that we have come across a lot within school.  Great insight into lives of young carers.”

“I have found this to be a great learning experience and support.  Thanks a lot.”

“Very informative.  Encouraged me to reflect on pupils who could be a YC and how we support other YCs.”

“Excellent combination of resources, policy development, sharing information.”

“Fun, well presented, nice location, very interesting, good group, fun to laugh at end of a long day.”

“Helped me to engage quickly with the subject and feel a lot more able to identify young cares back in school – gained confidence.”

The young people involved in our workshops tell us that, among other things, they have learnt, “what a young carer is”, “how worrying life can be as a young carer”, “some young people are joining the world of grown-ups very quickly”, “who I should speak to if I was a young carer”, and “what friends can do to help”.