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Co-op Local Community Fund

12 May 2017

The Co-op are raising money for us.

Click this link to find out more and what the money will be spent on...


Schools Awareness Raising Campaign - E Newsletter Spring Edition

21 April 2017

We are delighted to attach the Spring edition of the Schools Awareness Raising Campaign E-Newsletter. We have also attached the new Schools Assessment Model, referred to in Shona’s article.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you would like any more information about anything in the E-Newsletter.

E-Newsletter Spring 2017

Schools Assessment Model 2017


EYC Forum conference

21 March 2017

EYC forum are having a conference to represent young carer views. Please could you fill this out if you are a young carers or have been in the past...

EYC response to Depute Prime Minister's statement

9 March 2017

"Edinburgh Young Carers Project welcomes the statement made by the Deputy First Minister in the Scottish parliament yesterday. The Named Person service is of great importance to young carers, from the very young to those over 16 years of age, as many do not know where to go to get the support they need. Having a central point of contact for advice and support, which the Named person will provide to young carers, will be greatly helpful to them. We welcome that the Deputy First Minister has made it clear that sharing information with or by the Named Person will be done on the basis of consent, except for exceptional circumstances such as where there is significant risk of harm. Young carers and their families want to be involved in discussing and arranging the help and support they need.”

Margaret Murphy, Chief Executive

Read full statement on GIRFEC website HERE


"Coping is difficult, but I feel proud" - Report Launched

2 March 2017

Coping is difficult, but I feel proud 

Perspectives on mental health and wellbeing of young carers

Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, Carers Trust Scotland and Scottish Young Carers Services Alliance report has been launched recently.

Get a copy by clicking here

A tweet from The First Minister...

26 January 2017

100 Schools Challenge!

25 January 2017

100 Schools Challenge!

Young Carers Awareness Day – Thursday 26th January

Edinburgh Young Carers Project’s Schools Awareness Raising Campaign is asking 100 schools across Edinburgh to display information about young carers on Young Carers Awareness Day for our 100 Schools Challenge.

We are asking the schools to email a photo of their young carers display to us on Thursday 26th January which we can post on Twitter to highlight the work that schools in Edinburgh are doing for young carers. If the school has a twitter username then we can also include the school in the tweet.

We will be using the hashtag #100schoolschallenge. Our aim is to post as many photos as possible showing schools in Edinburgh doing their bit to raise awareness about young carers. We will also be visiting a number of the schools on the day.

The challenge aims to raise awareness about young carers and to highlight the work that schools and young carers projects are doing for young carers in Edinburgh.

Aileen Campbell, Minister for Public Health and Sport, plans to visit one of the schools with us on 26th January.

Look out for us on twitter on the day!

@EYCP             #100schoolschallenge             #sharingourcaring

Please re-tweet and share our tweets!

Kirsty Miguda – Schools Project Manager

Shona James – Schools Development Worker

Reducing the impact of caring on young carers lives

19 January 2017

Thanks to STV Children’s Appeal for their recent donation. This will go towards providing respite for lots of young carers.