What we do

Services and Activities

Young Carer Individual SupportOne to one time with a worker.

This is a time limited service. Priority is given to young people whose needs may not be fully met within group work or who are experiencing difficulty in being part of a group.

Young Carer Groups - Organised activities, discussions, support and a chance to meet other young carers and have fun.

This is the main service provided at the project and offers young carers a chance to make new friends and get a break from their caring situation at home. As well as providing a safe space to talk about young carers’ issues it is also recognised that young carers need ‘time-out’ to just be a young person.

Residentials and Day Trips - Time-out from home. A chance to try new things and have fun.

From time to time we are able to offer young carers the chance to get away for a week or a weekend if their home situation allows. We also organise one-off day trips and open days for young carers.

Information and Support - To enable young carers and their families to access other services.

We recognise that young carers’ circumstances vary enormously. We aim to support young carers and their family members, including the person being cared for, to find local services that will meet their specific needs.

Young carers' forum - An opportunity for young carers to have their say and take action on what matters to them.

For young carers aged 12 years and over who wish to speak for and on behalf of other young carers. Speaking up for the rights of young carers and having a say in the running of the project, including interviewing staff who work for the project.

Awareness Raising - Campaigning on behalf of young carers locally and nationally.

Through networking and partnership with other organisations, staff from EYC aim to highlight young carers issues and inform other professionals in order to help identify ‘hidden’ young carers.

Confidentiality Policy for Young People

When you talk with a worker at Edinburgh Young Carers, you have the right to expect that what you say will NOT be discussed with anyone who does not work at the project without your permission.

If you talk to a worker about something that they feel is dangerous for you, or another person and they are concerned about your or the other persons safety, they may need to tell someone else. They will talk with you about this first.

A worker may ask you if it is OK to speak with someone else (e.g. Doctor or Social Worker). If you do not want the worker to tell anyone else, but the worker thinks that you need to be protected and kept safe, then they may have to go against your wishes. You will be told if this is going to happen.

Edinburgh Young Carers will do whatever they can to - MAKE SURE YOU ARE SAFE.

Referral Guidelines

Anyone can make a referral to Edinburgh Young Carers. We have two types of referral forms:

It is preferred that both forms are completed but either will be accepted.

All information given on referral forms will be treated confidentially. If the referral proceeds the forms will be kept in the young persons file which they will have access to.

Due to the number of referrals we receive and limited resources we can not always accept referrals. The referrer will be notified if we are able to take the referral. Edinburgh Young Carers staff are unable to make exceptions to this.

When we are able to proceed with the referral, we will contact the referrer to find out any additional information or if circumstances have changed since the referral was made.

An initial meeting will be set up. A worker will visit the Young Carer and their family at home, to explain more about the project and check that both parties are interested in the referral proceeding.

Exceptions can be made if the young person, referrer or family do not wish a home visit. The meeting can take place at our office or another venue.